Michelle is a voice actor who has played some fantastic roles for ongoing audio-drama podcasts. An audio-drama is like a serialized radio play, and in them she has had the opportunity to play complex, interesting, funny, lead characters for 20-episode arcs. 

Her own work and her productions have been featured in: 

Forbes Top 10 Best New Podcasts of 2018 (Arden)

Spotify Editors' Pick: 2018 Podcasts (Arden, Startripper!!)

Apple Podcasts New and Noteworthy (Arden)

2017 Webby Award (Wolf359 )


She has been personally nominated for multiple AudioVerse Awards: 

Finalist for Best Performance in a Leading Role of a New Production (2018, Arden)

Finalist for Best Performance in a Leading Role for an Ongoing, Comedic Production (2018, Arden)

Finalist for Best Performance in an Ensemble of an Ongoing, Dramatic Production (2017, Wolf359 )

Her roles are:

Bea Casely, Series Regular Lead, Arden

Jessie, Series Regular Lead, Hit The Bricks (Musical Podcast!)

Dr. Alana Maxwell, Series Regular, Wolf359

Professor Halya Fangtree/Various, Guest Stars, Startripper!!

Joni, Guest Star, The Far Meridian

She has also appeared as herself on No Bad Ideas and Pairing.

For more information on the podcasts Michelle has worked on, click on their pictures below! Hope you're encouraged to check a few out. 



Audio-Drama VO Reel - Michelle Agresti
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