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Commercial Demo - Michelle Agresti
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Michelle is a voice actor who has played some fantastic roles for ongoing audio-drama podcasts. An audio-drama is like a serialized radio play, and in them she has had the opportunity to play complex, interesting, funny, lead characters for 20-episode arcs. She has also worked in animation—catch her on Robot Chicken (Season 11, Ep 3)! 

Her own work and her productions have been featured in: 

The New York Times, Fiction Podcasts To Get Lost In, 2020 (Wolf359)

The New York Times, 7 Fiction Podcasts Ready-Made for Vacation, 2021 (Wolf359)

Forbes Top 10 Best New Podcasts of 2018 (Arden)

Spotify Editors' Pick: 2018 Podcasts (Arden, Startripper!!)

Apple Podcasts New and Noteworthy (Arden)

2017 Webby Award (Wolf359 )


She has been personally nominated for multiple AudioVerse Awards: 

Finalist for Best Performance in a Leading Role of a New Production (2018, Arden)

Finalist for Best Performance in a Leading Role for an Ongoing, Comedic Production (2018, Arden)

Finalist for Best Performance in an Ensemble of an Ongoing, Dramatic Production (2017, Wolf359 )

Her roles are:

Bea Casely, Series Regular Lead, Arden

Jessie, Series Regular Lead, Hit The Bricks (Musical Podcast!)

Dr. Alana Maxwell, Series Regular, Wolf359

Professor Halya Fangtree/Various, Guest Stars, Startripper!!

Joni, Guest Star, The Far Meridian

She has also appeared as herself on No Bad Ideas and Pairing.

She has also appeared in TV animation: catch her on Season 11 of Robot Chicken

For more information on the podcasts Michelle has worked on, click on their pictures below! Hope you're encouraged to check a few out.